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Out With The Lads

I have known Danny for a while through my previous job as a coach driver, and although we have gone our separate ways professionally we have remained in touch with the power of Facebook. As soon as I saw the engagement I knew I had to be the one to capture this wedding.

This was my first time of meeting his partner Michael and it is always nice to put a face to a name, especially after a story or two.

We decided on Crichton Castle for our first meeting, a few laughs and some photos. Although it can always be difficult having someone point a camera at you, I do try to make everyone feel as relaxed and as comfortable with me as possible and after a few of my tremendous dad jokes we were away and running.

A wedding that has grown arms and legs since first discussed but you know what, if the rest of the family are as this much fun as this pair then I am really looking forward to it.

Danny & Michael - Crichton Castle

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