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They Almost Cancelled!

I wasn't supposed to be the photographer for this wedding, I had never met Amy or Craig prior to them contacting me. Luckily for me their original photographer had to cancel due to going into labour around the date of their wedding. Lots of notice was given so it was not a last-minute thing, and we started chatting with a lot of time to go. I find that funny because at the time of writing this I find myself three days away from becoming a father again.

However, we emailed, we text, we met, we had coffee and tea, we got some photos and lots of laughs and then the wedding came and got some more photos and now it is all over. It truly was one of the best days I have had whilst at work. We clicked instantly and Amy & Craig felt in no way like clients but friends. Every now and again Amy would text and ask how things were going totally unrelated to the wedding which was nice.

Arranging our first meeting I was a little nervous as I usually am when first meeting couples, we had great communication in the build-up so I had nothing to fear. I got there a little early thinking that they would be as keen as me to meet but no, just me. I had a walk around trying to find them but couldn't see them anywhere and had no signal on my phone, so I decided to walk back outside and within minutes they were there.

We chatted about everything from the wedding to Craigs job as an instructor in the ambulance service and how Amy quit dental nursing to start her own business as a successful pet groomer - (Hair of The Dug). After a long-winded blether, they were happy to go on a walk for some photos. I like to do this with couples as it can help make them feel comfortable with me firstly and having someone pointing a camera at you can be daunting.

We had some good laughs, and everything went really well, they both came right out of their shells, and I think the photos proved that. After we had finished and walking back to the cars, they admitted to almost cancelling on me that day and using covid as an excuse... Imagine if they did! After sending over a few photos Amy text me that they had a great time and glad they did it and would recommend to everyone.

Thanks again to Eskmills Venue for being such great hosts.

Will Forsyth on the video production.

The stunning dress from Sopia Grace Couture.

Flowers by Nikkis Fleurs.

Makeup by Lois Barkley and hair designed by Hair by Sam.

Entertainment from Ecosse Entertainment.

The beautiful Rolls Royce supplied from Lothian Classic Cars and piping the couple everywhere they went was none other than Jordan the Piper.

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