About Me

In choosing a wedding photographer, you are trusting that person to capture all of those big moments but also all of the small moments and in the details, the laughs, the tears of joy etc. that all come together and create the story of your wedding day.

To me the photographs I shoot are much more than the place they are set in, the lighting, or composition. All of these things play their part of course, but really, they are about capturing the intricacies of a relationship that make every wedding unique.


I want you to feel like I’m there to support you throughout the whole planning processes and by the time it comes around to your wedding day, it will feel like we have been friends forever and I’m just a guest that happens to have a camera.

I shoot unobtrusively, capturing the day and its moments as they naturally unfold.


I often find myself wanting to document moments, whether they are unforgettable experiences or everyday events.

Photography allows me to do this not just for myself and those around me, but also for my clients.

I spend  lot of time outdoors because that's where I feel most inspired and I think my work reflects that.

I have a pretty relaxed nature and that mirrors in the way I photograph weddings.

My style is more documentary, I like to blend in and capture what's going on without you really noticing that I am there.

Those candid moments only happen once and I’d love to get them for you. Of course, Mum's and Grandmother's all want those particular photos for the front room but I want my photographs to be a documentation of one of the best days of your life.

A little story featuring you and your partner and all of your close family and friends that will last forever.

Take some time to choose a photographer that prioritises documenting the kinds of moments that matter most to you.

It's a pretty big job, which is why I believe it's one that is well worth the investment.


Regardless of what you decide, I encourage you to make your wedding photos a priority.

My Story


I am a 33-year-old father of 3, engaged to the most wonderful woman & born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Growing up in such a beautiful city surrounded with the most stunning scenery, it was only a matter of time before I picked up a camera and started documenting the world around me. I've had a passion for photography for as long as I can remember, a camera was always on the watchlist.

My photography journey began in 2017 when I was gifted a camera after my birthday and got ready to share all my images on Instagram and Facebook to friends and family. It hasn’t come easy but everything happens for a reason but from taking photos of friends, family and the occasional family party I started reaching out to local businesses and it has grown from there, working with some large companies along the way.

​In my previous job I worked for a coach company which has allowed me to travel to all sorts of new places around Scotland and the rest of the U.K. and also meet people from all around the world, combine that with running my own photography business I feel very lucky to be in such a unique position. You will always see me at a wedding from start to finish with a huge smile on my face… On the rare occasion I don’t have the camera covering my face.

For any type of photo session, whether it be weddings, kids or families, my goal is to achieve a relaxed & informal atmosphere to get the most natural shots that best represent whoever I am photographing.

As a father of 3 young kids, after many stressful and frustrating moments I have found it best to let them do their own thing, and this tends to deliver the best candid photos. Those are the photos that deserve to be on the wall.​

Although I love photographing people, landscapes are at the centre of my passion for photography and heavily influence the way I photograph people in their environment, as well as my style. The photographs that have paved the way for my career are mainly focused on the landscape and incorporating people in to them.